Black Trim

As much as I love the coziness of a traditionally styled home, I love an eclectic home more. I love the fresh ideas, bold colors, and fun furniture that seem to inspire. A trend in eclectic homes that I love is black trim. Who would ever have thought that painting a door way or window frame black could be so lovely? I love the edginess it brings to a room. The black frame can be sleek and sophisticated yet, fun and different, it is so versatile! Here are a few of my favorite examples of how black trim is beautifully incorporated into these eclectic homes.

black trim @

I am seriously in love with black trim on window frames. It contrasts so much with the light that it just seems inviting and fresh.

black trim @

Black trim from apartment therapy @

They drawback of painting the trim in your house black, is that the best wall color to pair with it. If you are not a white-wall lover, this trend may not be your favorite. If you are still loving the black trim, but don’t want to commit your entire house to black and white, I would suggest painting some window frames or doors to add some variety without too much inconsistency.


Image sources: Apartment Therapy, rough luxe, Apartment Therapy.