Beliefs: “Be You” Challenge Day 5

We all believe in something, whether it be a religion, an idea, or a person. Everyone deserves the right of religious freedom and we should respect others beliefs even if we do not agree with them. Despite being understanding of others beliefs, we should stand firm in what we believe in and the best way to do this is live your religion. Live your standards and people won’t question what you believe.

(Photo taken by me, painted by Waterlogue app)

(Photo taken by me, painted by Waterlogue app)

If you do not align yourself with a religion, determine what you believe in and what you stand for. If you are in search of answers ponder them and make a plan of what you can do to find them. If you do align yourself with a religion, are you committed to it?

Day 5:

Spend 20 minutes participating in a faith building activity.

Journal Prompt: What was the faith building activity you participated in today? Think about what you believe and why. What do you stand for?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media of something that reflects the activity you chose to help build your faith. It can be a photo of you, or simply a picture of a quote that inspires you. Let your faith help build the faith of others.


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