Be Healthy: “Be You” Challenge Day 6

Today’s challenge is to be healthy, so of course I am sick! So, I am just going to focus on feeling better and tell you guys about being healthy.

I am in a Science of Wellness course this semester and have learned so much about how and why exercise and nutrition have such an impact on being healthy. Having a balanced diet helps you feel better. As we eat less red meat, refined sugars, and fatty foods, we begin to feel better. I realized this when my family cut back on meat eating and instead ate a ton more veggies! I felt so much better and had more energy. I got sick less and overall felt healthier. I have noticed that when I revert back to eating the foods we cut out of our diet, that I did not feel good after eating. I felt sick and had less energy.

While I am definitely not an exercise guru, I have learned that exercise can give you more energy, boost your metabolism, and help you balance your life. I am trying to increase my cardio activities and flexibility by running and yoga. What do you do to be more active?


Day 6:

Do something active today! Spend 30 minutes doing some sort of physical activity. If exercise isn’t your thing, try to cook a healthy meal!

Journal Prompt: How do you feel when you exercise and eat healthy? How can you improve your health and wellness?

Photo-Op: Post a picture of you being healthy! Make sure to tag #wwbeyou!


To learn more about the “Be You” challenge visit this post.
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Beliefs: “Be You” Challenge Day 5

We all believe in something, whether it be a religion, an idea, or a person. Everyone deserves the right of religious freedom and we should respect others beliefs even if we do not agree with them. Despite being understanding of others beliefs, we should stand firm in what we believe in and the best way to do this is live your religion. Live your standards and people won’t question what you believe.

(Photo taken by me, painted by Waterlogue app)

(Photo taken by me, painted by Waterlogue app)

If you do not align yourself with a religion, determine what you believe in and what you stand for. If you are in search of answers ponder them and make a plan of what you can do to find them. If you do align yourself with a religion, are you committed to it?

Day 5:

Spend 20 minutes participating in a faith building activity.

Journal Prompt: What was the faith building activity you participated in today? Think about what you believe and why. What do you stand for?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media of something that reflects the activity you chose to help build your faith. It can be a photo of you, or simply a picture of a quote that inspires you. Let your faith help build the faith of others.


To learn more about the “be you” challenge visit this post.
Haven’t participated in past days? Feel free to jump in late!
Miss a  day? Not to worry, find past segments here: Day 1Day 2Day 3, Day 4
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Unsocialize: “Be You” Challenge Day 4

So often people get caught up in social media that they forget how to be social! I have been in conversations with people and it feels like I am talking to myself because they are so involved in whatever is on their phone. What happened to making memories without having to update the world on what you are doing? What happened to being a good listener? “Social” media tends to make people “unsocialize” (no, that is not a real word) and get caught up in things that don’t matter.

So, tomorrow is day 4 of the “Be You” Challenge! Because of the nature of the challenge, I am posting this today rather than tomorrow. Have a great Saturday, and check back in on Sunday to seen the next segment of the challenge.

Day 4:

Take a break from social media for the day. Imagine the time you will have to pay attention to the important stuff in life. 

Journal Prompt: What are some things that you have done today in place of social media? What have you noticed in the environment around you? How has it made an impact on your day?

Photo-Op: No photo challenge today as part of the social media fast!


To learn more about the “be you” challenge visit this post
Miss a  day? Not to worry, find past segments here: Day 1Day 2, Day 3

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Happiness: “Be You” Challenge Day 3


I am truly an optimist at heart. It just seems so much easier to live life happily. I mean, why be sad and feeling bad for yourself when you could look on the bright side. I know we all have our days where we are down in the dumps (and some people have a hard time seeing the bright side), but I have noticed that on the days where I am happy, everything seems to work out a bit better. And if it doesn’t? That is what tomorrow is for!

Happiness is all about perspective. It is how we see the world, not how the world actually is. As we view our situation with “rose-tinted glasses” we begin to be happier. I like to try to find happiness in everyday events. Then, even on bad days, we can find a little reason to smile!

Day 3: 

Today spend 30 minutes doing something that makes you happy. This could be reading a book, going for a walk, or calling a friend.

Journal Prompt: What activity did you choose to participate in today? Why does that activity make you happy? It is important to be happy every day, so what is something you can do each day to continue this feeling of happiness? What can you do to make lemonade when life gives you lemons?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media of what makes you happy!




To learn more about the “be you” challenge visit this post
Miss a  day? Not to worry, find past segments here: Day 1, Day 2


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Gratitude: “Be You” Challenge Day 2

Scientific studies show that grateful people are happy people! People who express their appreciation are found to be happier, mentally and physically healthier, and feel free.

I think that so often we get caught thinking about the things that we want and forget about all of the lovely things we already have. Showing gratitude for what we have helps us realize how much we actually do have.

Gratitude: Day 2 "Be You" challenge!

(How darling is this free printable from

Day 2 Challenge:

Today’s challenge is to show gratitude to someone who has impacted your life. This could be writing a thank you note, sending a quick text, or thanking someone in person. (lets be honest, who doesn’t love getting an unexpected letter in the mail?)

Journal Prompt: Who has had the greatest influence on your life? Write down your thoughts about these people, including who they are and why you are grateful for them. What do you have to be grateful for in your life? Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. What has been good about today?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media of you and a person you are grateful for or who has positively influenced your life. Tag them and let them know why you appreciate them.

Check out my insta to find out who I am especially grateful for today!



To learn more about the challenge visit this post
Miss a  day? Not to worry, find past segments here: Day 1


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Goal Setting: “Be You” Challenge Day 1

I like to think of goals as something I am trying to become, not just something I want to do or someplace I want to go. Self improvement goals are more than just a destination, they should invoke thoughts about our journey to get to where we are going. Most of the time reaching our goals is a process that cannot be accomplished in a single day.

There are long term goals and short term goals, but every goal can be broken down into parts. In the computer science world, many companies have adopted the agile method of project management, and I think this method is very applicable to any type goal setting. Here is a quick summary of the basics of agile:

A main goal is made that can be very large and span a long time, this goal is broken down into smaller segments called “sprints”. A sprint is a small chunk of the goal that is necessary to move on to the next step. Each sprint is broken down in to tasks and each prioritized and delegated to a member of the team.


When setting a big goal, we can become overwhelmed by what we have to do to accomplish it. As we break a goal down, we put it into bite-sized pieces that are more manageable. No matter the size of a goal, it can always be broken down in to small tasks.

The “Be You” Challenge is a challenge to all of us to be ourselves. Each day of the “Be You” Challenge includes a challenge, journal prompt, and photo to share on social media!

Day 1 challenge:

Set a goal of something to accomplish within the next 10 days! I would also like to challenge you to make another long term goal of something you want to improve in yourself. This can be anything like eating healthier, not judging people subconsciously, being more active, or finding something you like about yourself each day. Write both of these goals down and hang them somewhere you will see it everyday.

Journal Prompt: What are you hoping to achieve the next 10 days? Record the goal you just made
in your journal. Why is this goal important to you? How will it help you make a change to reach your full potential?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media to help raise awareness of the Be You 10-Day Challenge! Tag one friend to complete the challenge with you. Let’s spread the word!



Challenge adapted from this challenge.


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