Free Prints From Around the Web

Prints are all the rage, so lately I have been looking for some free prints to hang on my walls. I have found an overwhelming amount across the web, mainly through Pinterest! I love illustrations and quotes the best, but some wall papers would be adorable framed in a gallery wall! I want to share some of my favorites. All you have to do is click the picture to access the original source.

free prints at


free prints at


free prints at


This cute gemstone illustration from Brit + Co also lets you download cards for each stone!

free prints at

Oh So Lovely Blog has a TON of printables and desktop background. Definitely worth a look!


free prints at


As well as finding so many free printables, some of my favorite prints I found were unfortunatly not free, but gorgeous anyway! Do not despair if you cannot find free printables, it takes a bit of looking, but it is totally worth it when you find the one!



If you would like to see more buyable or free prints, check out my Pinterest board here!

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Best Durable iPhone Case Ever

Remember a while ago I posted about my quest to find the perfect phone case? If you don’t you can check it out over here.

Well anyway, I finally found a company that sold the best durable iPhone case! Rifle Paper Company has the cutest, and durable cases I could find. I have had mine for a couple months now and it is as sturdy as ever; barely even a scratch on the case not to mention my phone. It is great and I absolutely love it! I settled on this lovely floral one and couldn’t be happier. It is an awesome case and I would recommend it to anyone!

best durable iPhone case

I went with the rubber inlay case with hard outer shell to make it extra sturdy.

I have recently bought some notebooks from them, and uber love them! Their products from my experience are great quality and super cute! I love their artsy style and am currently swooning over their calenders. I might have to cave and buy one just because they are so darling. Check them out but beware, you might want to buy everything they sell!

This is not a sponsored post, purely my own opinion.

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iPhone Case: Today’s Top Finds

I have recently been in search of a new iPhone case. I am an absolute klutz so finding something durable is a must. I am trying to avoid the super bulky cases and the flimsy non-protective ones. I love a  good floral print, but am not a pink person, so finding a happy medium has been a bit tricky. Here are some of my top finds:

CandyShell Inked iPhone 5s phone case

My sister has this one from speck and I am drooling over it. It is durable and adorable.

In my quest for the perfect case, I have come across some super cute ones that just don’t seem sturdy enough for me.

Wild Nature (Yellow and Blue) iPhone & iPod Case

Amoebic Party No. 2 iPhone & iPod Case

I found these over at Society 6 and am totally in love with the design. It doesn’t protect the top or bottom, so I am going to have to pass on it.

I am going to need to do a little bit more investigation, but I am thinking about designing my own case with uncommon.Their cases cover the top of your phone and can be made using their designs or you can customize it with a picture you submit. I will keep you updated on the phone case quest.

Where have you gotten a cute durable case?


Image Sources: speckproducts, society6, society6

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