Goal Setting: “Be You” Challenge Day 1

I like to think of goals as something I am trying to become, not just something I want to do or someplace I want to go. Self improvement goals are more than just a destination, they should invoke thoughts about our journey to get to where we are going. Most of the time reaching our goals is a process that cannot be accomplished in a single day.

There are long term goals and short term goals, but every goal can be broken down into parts. In the computer science world, many companies have adopted the agile method of project management, and I think this method is very applicable to any type goal setting. Here is a quick summary of the basics of agile:

A main goal is made that can be very large and span a long time, this goal is broken down into smaller segments called “sprints”. A sprint is a small chunk of the goal that is necessary to move on to the next step. Each sprint is broken down in to tasks and each prioritized and delegated to a member of the team.


When setting a big goal, we can become overwhelmed by what we have to do to accomplish it. As we break a goal down, we put it into bite-sized pieces that are more manageable. No matter the size of a goal, it can always be broken down in to small tasks.

The “Be You” Challenge is a challenge to all of us to be ourselves. Each day of the “Be You” Challenge includes a challenge, journal prompt, and photo to share on social media!

Day 1 challenge:

Set a goal of something to accomplish within the next 10 days! I would also like to challenge you to make another long term goal of something you want to improve in yourself. This can be anything like eating healthier, not judging people subconsciously, being more active, or finding something you like about yourself each day. Write both of these goals down and hang them somewhere you will see it everyday.

Journal Prompt: What are you hoping to achieve the next 10 days? Record the goal you just made
in your journal. Why is this goal important to you? How will it help you make a change to reach your full potential?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media to help raise awareness of the Be You 10-Day Challenge! Tag one friend to complete the challenge with you. Let’s spread the word!



Challenge adapted from this challenge.


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