Happiness: “Be You” Challenge Day 3


I am truly an optimist at heart. It just seems so much easier to live life happily. I mean, why be sad and feeling bad for yourself when you could look on the bright side. I know we all have our days where we are down in the dumps (and some people have a hard time seeing the bright side), but I have noticed that on the days where I am happy, everything seems to work out a bit better. And if it doesn’t? That is what tomorrow is for!

Happiness is all about perspective. It is how we see the world, not how the world actually is. As we view our situation with “rose-tinted glasses” we begin to be happier. I like to try to find happiness in everyday events. Then, even on bad days, we can find a little reason to smile!

Day 3: 

Today spend 30 minutes doing something that makes you happy. This could be reading a book, going for a walk, or calling a friend.

Journal Prompt: What activity did you choose to participate in today? Why does that activity make you happy? It is important to be happy every day, so what is something you can do each day to continue this feeling of happiness? What can you do to make lemonade when life gives you lemons?

Photo-Op: Using the hashtag #wwbeyou, post a picture on social media of what makes you happy!




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