Be Healthy: “Be You” Challenge Day 6

Today’s challenge is to be healthy, so of course I am sick! So, I am just going to focus on feeling better and tell you guys about being healthy.

I am in a Science of Wellness course this semester and have learned so much about how and why exercise and nutrition have such an impact on being healthy. Having a balanced diet helps you feel better. As we eat less red meat, refined sugars, and fatty foods, we begin to feel better. I realized this when my family cut back on meat eating and instead ate a ton more veggies! I felt so much better and had more energy. I got sick less and overall felt healthier. I have noticed that when I revert back to eating the foods we cut out of our diet, that I did not feel good after eating. I felt sick and had less energy.

While I am definitely not an exercise guru, I have learned that exercise can give you more energy, boost your metabolism, and help you balance your life. I am trying to increase my cardio activities and flexibility by running and yoga. What do you do to be more active?


Day 6:

Do something active today! Spend 30 minutes doing some sort of physical activity. If exercise isn’t your thing, try to cook a healthy meal!

Journal Prompt: How do you feel when you exercise and eat healthy? How can you improve your health and wellness?

Photo-Op: Post a picture of you being healthy! Make sure to tag #wwbeyou!


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