Unsocialize: “Be You” Challenge Day 4

So often people get caught up in social media that they forget how to be social! I have been in conversations with people and it feels like I am talking to myself because they are so involved in whatever is on their phone. What happened to making memories without having to update the world on what you are doing? What happened to being a good listener? “Social” media tends to make people “unsocialize” (no, that is not a real word) and get caught up in things that don’t matter.

So, tomorrow is day 4 of the “Be You” Challenge! Because of the nature of the challenge, I am posting this today rather than tomorrow. Have a great Saturday, and check back in on Sunday to seen the next segment of the challenge.

Day 4:

Take a break from social media for the day. Imagine the time you will have to pay attention to the important stuff in life. 

Journal Prompt: What are some things that you have done today in place of social media? What have you noticed in the environment around you? How has it made an impact on your day?

Photo-Op: No photo challenge today as part of the social media fast!


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