Oh Darling: Thoughtful Thursday

Today’s thought is that you are darling. You are fierce. You are important. Oh darling you are lovely. Just be you, because you are really good at it!

Is it just me, or does everyone just love the word darling? Hearing it makes me feel like I am in Pride and Prejudice  (my favorite chick-flick just so you know) or something. That is never a bad thing, because who is not head over heals for Mr. Darcy? Anyway, here is a little print out so you will know that you are darling even when you are by yourself. Oh darling

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


 If you haven’t seen Pride and Prejudice, watch it! Oh darling, it is the best 😉

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Valentine’s Day Cards: Thoughtful Thursday

For thoughtful Thursday I thought I would share the Valentine’s Day cards I made myself for this Saturday. I plan on handing them out with kisses, the chocolate kind of course! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day this weekend. If you don’t have plans yet, a good old chick flick is never a bad idea. Did you see they added Sleepless in Seattle to Netflix? Happy day!valentine's day cards @ whirlwhim.comvalentine's day cards @ whirlwhim.comvalentine's day cards @ whirlwhim.comvalentine's day cards @ whirlwhim.com


please don’t mind my puns too much for these Valentine’s Day Cards



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Fear of Failure

I was recently asked the question: “What would you do in the next five years if you knew you could not fail?” This question deals more with fear than with success. This made me think; is fear really that debilitating? Are we so afraid of failing that we don’t pursue the things that we so dream of doing? Each one of us limits ourselves with fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of disappointment. Without this fear we would be willing to try nearly anything. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I hope that you would do exactly what you are doing. I hope that we can conquer this fear of failure and follow out dreams, because really what can stop us?

Fear of Failure from whirlwhim.com

Even if you were to fail, what would be the price. Does it hurt more to fail than it does to regret not taking a chance. Isn’t the journey of following a whim better than coming to the realization of the things you could have done, the experiences you could have had, and the dreams you could have made a reality. We all fail, but what is life without disappointment? What is life without heartache? It is our failures that make our successes so brilliant.



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Super Bowl Menu: What’s cookin’

I like to think of the Super Bowl as a time where I can eat a lot of  appetizers and call it dinner. I am not an avid football watcher, bun I love to just kick back with some good food and watch funny commercials. I decided to keep it pretty simple and light this year. Here is my super bowl menu for this game day:

Slow cooker buffalo chicken sliders, how yummy do these look! I also saw a lettuce wrap version which looked super yummy and a bit lighter.

Super bowl menu @ whirlwhim.com

The old classic potato skins, not going all crazy and creative on this one, just keeping it simple.

Super bowl menu @ whirlwhim.comI am also going to mix up some seven layer bean dip and a veggie tray. What are you serving up this super bowl Sunday?



Super Bowl Menu Image Sources: hip2save, itsybitsyfoodies,

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iPhone Case: Today’s Top Finds

I have recently been in search of a new iPhone case. I am an absolute klutz so finding something durable is a must. I am trying to avoid the super bulky cases and the flimsy non-protective ones. I love a  good floral print, but am not a pink person, so finding a happy medium has been a bit tricky. Here are some of my top finds:

CandyShell Inked iPhone 5s phone case

My sister has this one from speck and I am drooling over it. It is durable and adorable.

In my quest for the perfect case, I have come across some super cute ones that just don’t seem sturdy enough for me.

Wild Nature (Yellow and Blue) iPhone & iPod Case

Amoebic Party No. 2 iPhone & iPod Case

I found these over at Society 6 and am totally in love with the design. It doesn’t protect the top or bottom, so I am going to have to pass on it.

I am going to need to do a little bit more investigation, but I am thinking about designing my own case with uncommon.Their cases cover the top of your phone and can be made using their designs or you can customize it with a picture you submit. I will keep you updated on the phone case quest.

Where have you gotten a cute durable case?


Image Sources: speckproducts, society6, society6

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Claude Monet: Thoughtful Thursday


Claude Monet Quote @ whirlwhim.com

I am completely in love with Claude Monet. You may have heard of him, he was a artist in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He painted in the impressionism style, which is probably why I love his art so much. Some of his more famous works are his Waterlilies and Impression Sunrise. His style was very new and different from the tradition at his time. He painted light rather than objects. I love his work and this quote by him. This quote sums up my relationship with flowers! Feel free to make a print out. Have a great Thursday!


 To learn more about Claude Monet, check him out on Wikipedia.

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